We try really hard to buy/breed the very best quality Exotic
Shorthair Cats we can so that you can be assured your new
cat/kitten will conform to the CFA breed standards.

Seller guaranties that this cat/kitten is in good health to the best of
our knowledge and experience and is up to date on all
vaccinations and health care needed. However Seller is not a
so my judgment as to the cat/kittens overall health is no substitute
for your personal Veterinary’s examination to validate this health

The Buyer MUST have the cat/kitten examined by a licensed
Veterinarian within 72 hours from the day of arrival. Should the
Buyer neglect to take the cat/kitten to a Veterinarian for
within 72 hours of the purchase date the Buyer accepts immediate
and full responsibility for the cat/kittens health & this contranct
will be void with no exchange to be made.

If there are other cats in the household the new cat/kitten MUST
be quarantined for at least 1 week even after Buyer’s Veterinarian
certifies its healthy which will also give the cat/kitten time to
acclimate to it's new surroundings; otherwise health is not

The  Buyer will agree to maintaining proper veterinary care for the
cat/kitten to include all yearly vaccinations and exams.    We give
our Kittens their first Vaccine at 8 wks and ship them shortly
thereafter or if they should remain here for some time they will
receive a series of 3 shots before they are 16 weeks old. If you
have a deposit on a cat/kitten or have already paid for your cat but
it is still her in our cattery you will be required to pay for the
Veterinary office calls and all vaccines. We only pay for the first

We charge $400 for the shipping on one of the major airlines & that
does include the vet check, health certificate, acclimation, rabies
shot if old enough & a pet carrier. However if a courier is
required the charge will be more depending on the distance &

replaced only if a autopsy is performed by a licensed Veterinarian
Lab and is written in a certified report from the Veterinarian Lab
with their own header, listing the cause of death was by a
congenital defect. The body of the Cat/kitten and the Certified
cause of death from the Veterinary must be returned to Seller at
Buyers expense. A replacement cat/kitten of the same quality and
sex will then be give to the buyer as it becomes available. There
are no cash refunds and no pick of Cat or Kitten in this exchange.
If the Cat/Kitten is purchased as a Pet and not previously
neutered/spayed then buyer agrees to spay/neuter the kitten at
the age of 5 months or within 30 days after purchasing an adult
Cat at
Buyers expense. Registration papers will be restricted on
Cats/Kitten bought as pets until confirmed.

If you are buying a breed Cats/Kitten you will receive full
registration through CFA Cat Registry office. However, seller   
only guarantees that the Cat/Kitten will be registered for breeding
and will not be spay or neutered previous to the sale. We do not
guarantee that said Cat/Kitten will be fertile or that they will figure
out how to breed when they come of age. We also do not
guarantee perfect conformation as there is never a way to
guarantee how the kittens development will progress as they

Seller is not responsible for the shipping but we can arrange a
flight for your cat/kitten using United, Delta or American Airlines
and they deliver to most major airports.

The buyer agrees to pay all court costs if this contract is litigated
and that any Suit arising from the purchase of said Cat/Kitten shall
be executed in and under Oklahoma State Law within the City
of Poteau, OK and the County of LeFlore where the sale is taking

Any and all deposits are non-refundable.

By signing below the Buyer is stating that he or she has read the
contract and agrees to the terms and conditions stated within this
contract. Any questions should be addressed before the
signing of the Contract and placing a deposit on buyers choice of

Buyer's signature:
Date ________________

Seller's signature: __________________________________________
Date ________________

After the deposit has been sent please sign & return this contract
so we can book the flight for your new baby. However do keep in
mind that the cat/kitten cannot be shipped until paid in full!
My name & mailing address is:  Lorane Matlock, 13287  US Hwy
59, Keota, OK 74941.
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We have exotic shorthair kittens for sale and we strive to have the best quality breeding CFA
exotic shorthair kittens with a good temperament and we like to show off our breeders on the
page. Most breeders do not even let you see their breeding stock because they are runof the
quality. We love to stay in contact with the new parents and will give informaiton for the care of
little ones as needed. We will provide the cfa registratin for our exotic shorthair kittens and
will also
make sure the shot record is available for the new vet. We have 3 gorgeous cfa registered
males for
breeding, one is the cream/white, one is the red/with and a beautiful white male with very large
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