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calaco cats for sale in oklahoma
Sassy is  a Champion Sired. CFA reg exotic shorthair female with the flat face,
tiny short nose and the very large coppers  eyes. This beautiful cat has been
bred to our stunning red male so she should have kittens with lots of colors.
Sassy's papa is a white/red Champion so the kitens should have really good
champion bloodline.
tabby kittens to buy in arkansas
This is "Starla!
Sarta is gorgeous and her
mom is champion sired.
She has the very large copper
eyes, flat face, tiny short
nose, short ears & is very
friendly & loving
Deposit taken from Caol in Ohio!
This is Deanna (also know as
Hope)  She has the large copper
eyes, flat face, tiny nose, ears\.
She has been bred to the Red
Baron & should have kittens the
1st part of April 2018!
This is "Dolly Le Francis"!
She is Champion Sired & copper
eyes, flat face, tiny nose, short
ears & is so very friendly which
she should pass to her babies.
tabby kittens to buy in louisana
tabby kittens to buy in arkansas
This is "Tara", she has been bred, we should have kittens in April 2018!
Both her papa & mama are Champions with a good bloodline. I will take better
pictures of her when she has babies, she is gorgeous, sweet & loving & she is the
apple of my eye. She has the tiny nose, flat face short ears & very plush coat.
exotic shorthair black  kittens for sale in arkansas
calaco kittens for sale in oklahoma
white kittens for sale in arkansas
cfa reg exotic shorthair kittens for sale in arkansas
This is our CFA reg, ESH red male
He has the very arge round copper
eyes, flat face, tiny short nose, small
ears & he is friend\y.
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You can call us at
We have two websites lazylminiranch.com and Exotickitcats.com
and tow facebook pages . I am having medical problems and Im
not able to care for them and i selling everything and some at a
free to contact me @ (918) 346-2043 or email
mlorane@hotmail.com. Have a good day and God bless.
This is "White Lighting", his Mother is Zsa Zsa and his faher is
red and white. He is beautiful and friendly weighing around 7
pounds. He is solid white with very large eyes,and he is a real
FOR SALE! This is "Walk the Line Cowboy" born 4/11/16 from
Ziakatzs. He is a beautiful CFA reg ESH beautiful male & he has
give us several litters of beautiful babies, he is about  7 pounds.
He is cream/white with very large eyes, flatter face, tiny nose
and small ears!
310 as pet or $171 as breeder/show.
You caN send a $310 deposit using pay pal to hold him!
This is Dollywood she is a ESH, CFA reg Female, she is not for sale
we are keeping her. She is a very pretty girl little girl with a flat
face, very large copper eyes, smaller ears, plush coat and she is
friendly. Hopefully we will have kittens from her in the summer.
This is Sassy and Cowboys female, she is a CFA reg ESH and she
is a beautiful little red/white girl with a flat face, tiny short nose,
very large copper eyes, smaller ears and a thicker plush coat.
Hopefully this little girl will have beautiful kittens with lots of color
for us this summer 2018.

Call for more info: 918.346.2043
email: mlorane@hotmail.com
Our web address is: www.exotickitcats.com